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Support services

Find details of a large number of support services that you’ll have access to as an HDR student.

Additional support services can be found at Curtin Life.

Curtin Student Guild

The Curtin Student Guild plays a vital role in representing the interests of students by providing educational, commercial and social services to its members:

  • Represent all students on the major boards and committees of the University;
  • Provide member discounts at all of their food and retail outlets;
  • Provide services, facilities and activities for students.

The Guild also runs Student Assist, a confidential welfare, advocacy, support and referral service to help students with any personal, welfare or academic issues.

Visit the Curtin Student Guild.

Postgraduate Mentor Program

The Postgraduate Mentor Program provides new postgraduate students with access to a senior student who can provide guidance, feedback and support as you begin your journey at Curtin University.

Higher Degree by Research students can expect mentors to provide the following:

  • Feedback on research projects and candidacy proposals;
  • Advice on surviving the candidacy process and working with supervisors;
  • A chance to participate in a collaborative and supportive research environment;
  • Access to a cross-disciplinary research culture.

Visit the Postgraduate Mentor Program.

Safer Community Team (Securtiy)

The Safer Community Team are concerned with your safety on campus.  They have a number of systems to ensure that you have the appropriate access to security services at all times. These include:

Visit the Safer Community Team.

In a life threatening situation, call ‘0 000’ from an internal phone or ‘000’ from an external or mobile phone. These numbers should only be called when wanting the police, fire brigade or ambulance.

Counselling Services

Curtin’s Counselling Service provides assistance for Curtin students experiencing difficulties that impact upon their personal life or academic progress. The service is confidential and free of charge to Curtin students with ten free appointments with a counsellor per academic year.

On their website you can find information about:

Visit Curtin’s Counselling Service.

Health Services

Curtin University provides a comprehensive Health Service to Curtin University students and staff. They provide general practice patient care including:

  •  Management of all health problems
  • A walk-in clinic runs most mornings for urgent, quick medical problems
  • Lifestyle advice, including information on stress management, sexual health and drugs
  • A Mental Health Nurse can assist with management of mental health problems and is available for confidential free appointments to discuss any problems you might have
  • Nursing care such as dressings to injuries, vaccinations (travel, childhood, allergy), health education
  • Response by Health Service staff at request for help concerning accidents and sudden illness on campus.

Visit our Health Service.

Curtin Disability Service

Disability Services provides support for students with a disability or medical condition. On their website you can find:

Visit Disability Services.

Multi-Faith Services

Multi-Faith Services facilitates religious life in the university, and can help connect you with local faith communities. They can:

  • Listen to your own spiritual questions and concerns with respect;
  • Provide you with meaningful and relevant answers;
  • Provide assistance for practical issues, such as applying for religious equity examinations;
  • Refer you to the appropriate visiting religious representative for specialised support;
  • Connect you with the religious student group or faith community of your choice.

Visit Multi-Faith Services.