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Adjunct postdoctoral fellow program

The Adjunct Postdoctoral Fellow Program provides for a one-year adjunct appointment (with a possible one year extension) to be made available to recently graduated doctoral students from Curtin University. Appointments are designed to assist recent graduates in applying for funding and producing research outputs: for example, by turning their thesis into a book, an exhibition, a film, a number of refereed journal articles.

The program works by offering recent graduates a continued formal relationship with the University, together with basic “in-kind” support (see below).

Benefits flowing from the program include:

  • Providing further experience in such research skills as professional presentation, professional publication, grant application, leadership, teamwork;
  • Offering a period of University affiliation which can enhance a graduate’s profile, curriculum vitae and thus their opportunities for academic and other high level employment;
  • Increasing the number of quality publications (books, journal articles, chapters, exhibitions etc.) and grant applications ascribed to the Faculty, as well as improvement in the ERA; and
  • Contributing to the public profile of research.

Support for Adjunct Postdoctoral Fellow Program

Please note, the Adjunct Postdoctoral Fellow Program does not provide financial assistance.

Support provided by the sponsoring School/Area in conjunction with the Office of Research and Graduate Studies includes ID card, email, library access, and may also include involvement in team projects, joint publications, grant applications, and so on. Infrastructure support in the form of access to specified facilities may be offered where required.

Guidelines for application


Requirements for an Adjunct Postdoctoral Fellow appointment are:

  1. The sponsoring School/Area approves the appointment and agrees to specified support
  2. The recipient agrees that any publications supported by and/or published during an Adjunct Postdoctoral Research Fellow appointment will carry with them a statement of the writer’s affiliation with Curtin University
  3. At the conclusion of one year, the Adjunct Postdoctoral Fellow submits a report of outcomes achieved to the School/Area Research Coordinator. Renewal of the contract is dependent on evaluation of the outcomes
  4. The contract can be renewed once.